「WE 嘩藍屋」計劃是一項社會創新項目,以社會企業及非牟利方式營運,有鑑於整個保育計劃由政府活化歷史建築伙伴計劃資助,而計劃目標把歷史建築復修為獨一無二的文化地標,並推動市民積極參與保育歷史建築,我們特別在計劃申請書內加入「好鄰居計劃」,一方面可保存昔日唐樓共同居住的氣氛,同時亦是項目營運的收入來源之一,更重要的是透過計劃加強整個保育區內的人文和社會資本,為整個活化計劃孕育協同效應。

Viva Blue House is a socially innovative conservation project operating as a non-profit social enterprise. Renovation works and initial operating support are funded under the HKSAR government’s Revitalizing Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme. The project aims to revitalize historical buildings into unique cultural landmarks and retain many of their original uses as well as encourage the public to actively participate in conserving historical buildings. Our project application includes the “Good Neighbours Scheme” which aims at preserving the neighborhood atmosphere of tenement living while bringing satisfactory income for the project. More importantly, this plan aims to strengthen the human and social capital within the conservation area which will ultimately create synergy between the project and its occupants.


「We 嘩藍屋」留屋也留人,目標除了把歷史建築復修為獨一無二的文化地標,也讓原有住戶選擇是否繼續居住,共同規劃,體現自下而上,社區主導的集體參與保育模式,期望保存舊社區的鄰里互助精神。  


  • 香港故事館
  • 原居民居住單位
  • 藍屋好鄰居計劃
  • 社會企業甜品店及素食店
  • 社區經濟互助公所
Funded by the HKSAR Government’s Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme, “Viva Blue House” Revitalisation Project (“Viva Blue House”) is the first project of its kind that embraces the mission on “retention of both the residents and the buildings”. The revitalising Blue House Cluster, located on Stone Nullah Lane in Wanchai, consists of three Hong Kong-style tenement houses (Tong Lau in Cantonese) which were constructed in the 20s, 30s and 50s. Blue House and Yellow House are listed as Grade I and Grade III historic buildings respectively, whereas Orange House is not graded yet.

Not only revitalising the property into a unique landmark, “Viva Blue House” also aims to preserve the lifestyle of the old days, allowing the residents to choose to stay or not, and inviting them to plan collaboratively. This project serves as a community-led, bottom-up and participatory heritage conservation model in the hope of conserving a sense of community in the old neighbourhood.

In order to present the multifunctional spaces of the tenement houses, the Blue House Cluster contains the following units:

  • Hong Kong House of Stories
  • Existing Resident Housing and Engagement Units
  • Good Neighbour Scheme
  • Social Enterprise Units - Dessert House and Vegetarian Restaurant
  • C.O.M.E. Hall

「藍屋好鄰居計劃」(下稱「好鄰居計劃」)是活化工程完成的後續,為活化後的藍屋建築群注入力量和生氣,傳承唐樓共同生活的模式。藍屋建築群合共有 32 個單位(包括地舖) ,除了保留部份單位給原來租客繼續居住及發展保育外,現有 12個單位作為「好鄰居計劃」,讓對共同居住(Co-living)及社區參與有興趣的人士加入成為「好鄰居」,保存昔日唐樓的生活文化,同時透過租金收入支持「We 嘩藍屋」長遠的營運。

有別於一般業主與租戶的關係,「好鄰居」採用會員制度,租戶既是會員,亦是共同營造社區的參與者,除了每月邀交會員月費,以支持「We 嘩藍屋」營運,亦需定期出席好鄰居居民大會及其他活動,願意分享生活經驗和技能,並且一起實踐共同居住、管理、承擔的目標。
Viva Blue House Good Neighbour Scheme (“Good Neighbour”) is a sequel of the revitalisation work, giving new power to the property and carrying a style of co-living forward. The Blue House Cluster is made up of 32 units, including the shops on the ground floors. Besides those reserved for the existing residents to live and the development of culture conservation, there are 11 flats for “Good Neighbour” exclusively in order to preserve the lifestyle of Tong Lau. “Good Neighbour” is for people who are interested in co-living and community engagement. And the membership fee will support the operation of “Viva Blue House” in the long run.

Run on a membership basis, “Good Neighbour” is more than a tenant. He/she is a member but also one of the community builders. The members need to pay a monthly membership fee (rent) and attend residents’ meetings and other events regularly. They are happy to share their experiences and skills, as well as uniting to achieve shared living, management and responsibility.

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